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The Affiliate Program

is a way to increase the awareness of color vision deficiencies, assist schools and organizations in identifying the needs of color deficient individuals, and earn money while making a positive difference.

When a person/organization joins the affiliate program, they are given an affiliate/discount code of their choice. It is called an affiliate/discount code because when customers purchase a test plan from an affiliate they save 10% by using the affiliate/discount code. This is to motivate customers to use the affiliate/discount code so that the affiliate gets their due commission.

One thing we do at that is slightly different is that the sales people are also the customer support. On several occasions, when dealing with other companies’ customer support, we were frustrated by dealing with someone different every time we needed customer support, especially with the same issue. We want customers to deal with the same person throughout their time with Also, this is not a product that is only purchased once. Customers will continually purchase test credits and we want to make sure that the salesman/organization follows up with customers and gives them the best customer service possible.

When customers initially purchase test credits, they will input their billing information and it is at this point they will use their affiliate/discount code. The customer will also have to input the affiliate/discount code when purchasing more test credits. This is so the customer saves the 10% and also ensures that the salesman/organization is keeping the customer satisfied.

Some of the benefits of being an affiliate of are as follow:
  • Adds no overhead costs to your business model.
  • There are no storage fees or fees associated with inventory because it is all done online.
  • It is a recurring source of revenue as long you continue to keep your customers happy and they continue to purchase test credits.
  • Sales commission from everything you sell.
  • Making a positive difference.

Commission checks are printed and mailed on the 5th business day of the month. This is to circumvent chargeback problems occurred during the previous month. Checks will be mailed to the address on file for the agent/organization. Salesmen and organizations make money on every purchase their customers make even if they purchase without tell you, the affiliate.

If you are interested in being a salesman or adding our product to your line of products, please contact using our contact form. If you are interested in making higher profit margins, we recommend becoming a distributor instead of an affiliate.