The Adult Diagnostics is from the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test and has a total of 4 sections and consists of pseudoischromatic plates. This test is adaptive, randomized, and completely self-administered to reduce administrator bias. Depending on how an individual performs on the General Screening section, they may continue onto sections 3 and 4, after which a color vision diagnosis will be provided. The test-taker will be able to view the plate images for a total of 3 seconds each followed by 8 more seconds to answer. A demo plate will be presented prior to beginning the scored test.

1. General Section: 25 plates that screen for genetic deficiencies + 1 demo.
2. Tritan Section: 12 plates for genetic and acquired color vision deficiencies.
If a test-taker fails the General Section, they will be given sections 3 and 4.
3. Protan Section: 32 desaturated plates quantifying Protan (red) deficiencies.
4. Deutan Section: 32 desaturated plates quantifying Deutan (green) deficiencies.